La Captibulle récompensée par la médaille d'argent au Concours Lépine International Paris 2024 : reconnaissance de son efficacité et de son innovation

The Captibulle is a concentration aid
tested and approved by teachers.

It's a bubble to capture their attention in class
and/or during personal work at home.

It allows us to reproduce the tunnel of attention,
recommended by many psychologists,
by blocking distractors and
by transmitting a message of the need for concentration to those around him.

The child decides to start a concentration and learning project
by isolating yourself in “your bubble” to work better in peace.

He becomes an actor in his learning in a society abundant in demands and screens leading to passivity, an attention deficit and sometimes dropping out of school.

Les Captibulles : une fabrication française

Les captibulles à l'unité pour les devoirs à la maison,

par lot de 3, 4, 6 ou 8 pour la classe

Origin of Captibulle

Use in the classroom

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