PARENTS: (after watching a video of their child in class with and without the Captibulle)

  • Parents of T., A., N., E., M., E., N., K.: “Great idea, Very good idea, Good initiative…”
  • Parent of A. : “Well done, great initiative and it works
  • Parent of L.: “Very good initiative, great development in a short time
  • Parent of E. : " Excellent idea ! I love it, thank you very much »
  • Parent of L.: “Good educational tool”
  • Parent of A. : “Interesting tool that allows students to concentrate better”
  • Parent of A. : “Very good initiative, A. uses it at home by redoing the attention tunnel with her hands, she says that she concentrates”
  • N.’s parent: “N. really appreciates it. Surprising but beautiful invention
  • Parent of L.: “Very good method of concentration. Visible result »
  • Parent of L.: “Very good idea to work better”
  • Parent of A. : “Since then my daughter reads and plays more on her own
  • Parent of L.: “Very good idea Captibulle, L. is very demanding! Also beneficial for headaches

           But also :

  • Parent of E. : “When are you going to implement the Captibulle in the class because E. loves using it ? »
  • Parent of A. : “Evolving teacher”