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Set of 8 Captibulles

Set of 8 Captibulles

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Captibulle is a tool to help you concentrate by improving your academic performance by isolating yourself from noise and distractions

The set of 8 Captibulles is recommended for use in the classroom

This makes it possible to respond to the requests of students who request the system

In order to optimize the device, it is necessary to distribute 2 to 3 Captibulles per group of 6 to 8 children (3 to 4 groups)


One size fits all with adjustable systems (elastic and ear cups) to fit all heads

The Captibulle is:

- Made of high-quality, tear-resistant soft plastic material

- Recyclable and eco-friendly

- Hygienic: water-resistant and hand-washable

- Made in France

- Laboratory tested: CE standard / toy standard / food standard certified


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