• Invention of the Captibulle: patent application filed with the INPI in response to different criteria:
- Reduce your visual field and sound stimuli
- “ Put yourself in your bubble ” by refocusing on yourself (reassuring cocoon)
- Give a concrete meaning to the term “concentrate”
- “Shhh” messages to make others understand the need for isolation without isolating themselves from the group
- Create an automatism to reproduce without the Captibulle : create an attention tunnel with your hands
- Way of asserting oneself ( self-confidence ) and learning to respect others
- Become an actor in your learning and concentration
- Very light and comfortable tool to carry (36 grams)
- Inexpensive device that allows you to have both hands free
  • The captibulle: toy standard laboratory tests for greater safety:
EN 71-1 Mechanical and physical tests : on all components
EN 71-2 Flammability tests : on the materials used
EN 71-3 Chemical tests : on the materials used
  • Why patent this device?
A patent is reassuring because it prohibits any counterfeiting or reproduction and it guarantees the quality of the product
It is a tool developed by a teacher and manufactured in France which complies with French standards and specifications allowing it to be used safely by children.