After several months of use in many classes at different levels from nursery school to elementary school, the feedback has been extremely positive:

  • Children who have the most difficulty concentrating use the Captibulle : it is never imposed
  • Those who use the Captibulle shut up and enter the activity immediately, drawing in the children in the group who do not have it. There is more calm in the classroom
  • The children are all asking for and have adopted the Captibulle : they say that it allows them to concentrate, work better and think better
  • A simple gesture from the teacher reminds us that a child is in his bubble or that his neighbor is and he remains silent
  • It is a way of asserting oneself in front of others and learning respect for others.
  • Parents note an improvement in their child's behavior and are very satisfied with the tool
  • The fact that all children want to wear the Captibulle helps avoid stigmatizing a child who really needs it