• Teacher A.: “The captibulle helps remind the child of the attention tunnel technique to refocus and it’s truly magical ! The child who asks for it is able to better ignore others and this also has a benefit on the rest of his table and therefore the class
  • Teacher C.: “Very good acceptance by the students requesting insulation from noise . The others calm down automatically”
  • Teacher I.: “The students joined in very quickly . We have to take the time to present it to them and then support them so that it is effective”
  • Teacher C.: “After explaining the objective of the Captibulle and how it works, the children joined in and are in demand as soon as there is noise . We must support them in their use”
  • Mistress M.: Having a double level , the captibulle allowed the CP (or CE1) students to isolate themselves to do independent work which required a certain concentration when I was taking care of the other group. The use of the captibull was not obligatory but it very quickly became a reflex for the students . They quickly adopted it and used it very willingly . She helped them to become aware the level of concentration needed to successfully complete a task
  • Teacher H.: “Having a very lively class with notably 2 hyperactive students, I was immediately interested in these captibulles of concentration. Indeed, in addition to the “ear muffs” which dampen noise, these bubbles are equipped with an insulating visor, making it possible to create a sort of cocoon in which the children do not see each other. All the children adhered to this tool. They took it a bit like a game, then little by little saw the positive effects. Children having difficulty concentrating (either due to their own doing or due to external factors) appreciated this tool, asked for it (when it was freely available) and were therefore more successful in concentrating on their task. . For a small group of children, who need to work quietly, while another group works more actively, this is a useful object (double level). For a hyperactive child , if he supports this helmet on his head, it is also useful
  • Teacher G: “The children like to use the Captibulle. I offer them occasionally following class activities but when we use them, they respect calm and are well concentrated