A school teacher from children 3 years old to children 11 years old for over 20 years , Sophie Lebon is keen, like any teaching professional, to help her students progress.

One morning in January 2023, a dad whose child has concentration problems hands over a document from the psychologist who follows his child entitled “ recommendations to teachers ” and of which here are the main points:

  • use the “attention tunnel ” technique by placing your elbows on the table, putting your hands on each side of your face, in order to block your view from both sides, following your teacher with your eyes and to hear his words
  • reduce distractors near the child (visual, audio, other disruptive children), particularly at times when concentration is required, favor an orderly and uncluttered environment

Following a reflection on this reading to implement these recommendations, the idea germinated and it created the first “attention tunnel” tool which makes it possible to reduce the visual field and sound stimuli while freeing his hands in order to better concentrate and work.

However, the benefit of this tool should not only be used for children with concentration problems but for everyone because the difficulty of concentration and the noise are perceived by all students . Children need to put themselves in their own bubble…

The Captibulle is born.